All About That Case: The Mobile Accessories Market Set to Grow

All About That Case: Largest Contributor to $51B+ Mobile Accessories Market


If mobility is the wings, then cases are the hot sauce


Case sales are expected to grow over the next five years at a 6.9 percent CAGR with volumes expected to reach 144M in the U.S. by 2019. With more than 1,400 case manufacturers and thousands more SKUs to choose from, it is crucial that resellers guide their customers to the accessories that best meet their customers’ needs.


According to ABI Research, “end users are increasingly looking to differentiate their mobile black-glass slabs to enjoy a higher-end device experience. So accessory sales are set for growth driven by Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and multi-device charging mats (not single-device, which doesn’t provide a large enough value proposition upgrade from micro-USB chargers). These accessories create an optimized, high-quality and fashion-forward user experience, which adds up to a high-value product. Sales are further boosted by OEMs and carriers removing wired headsets and chargers from the handset box.”

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Half of U.S. Adults Don’t Know How to Properly Dispose of Used Electronic Devices


Uncertainty about proper device disposal and other interesting findings are a result of Ingram Micro Mobility's recent "Recycling Mobile Devices: A Consumer Awareness Study." With nearly seven billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and climbing, the study aimed to gauge the market opportunity for sustainable alternatives. The survey, conducted by ORC International, asked 1,000 U.S. consumers about their general awareness of how to properly recycle used devices, which incentives would increase the likelihood of recycling devices and their interest in purchasing used devices.
Incentivizing Device Recycling
When asked about incentives that would motivate their decision to turn in old electronics to be recycled, consumers reported both altruistic and self-interest incentives.

  • Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said knowing a device would go to a person in need or to a developing country would be enough of a motivating factor to turn in old devices. Interestingly, millennials (74%) and 45–54 year olds (71%) were slightly more likely to say that altruistic incentives would help them recycle.
  • Meanwhile, consumers also indicated a "free upgrade or discount on a new device" (63%) and a "cash incentive or gift card" (62%) as motivating incentives for recycling devices.
  • However, only 9% of those surveyed said they would recycle old devices without incentives. Of those who indicated no incentive was necessary, 23% were seniors.

Barriers to Making Device Recycling a Habit
Despite the power of incentives, significant barriers still exist to achieving the recycling mindset.

  • A majority (55%) of those surveyed indicated concerns about clearing data and identity theft as barriers to recycling devices, followed by the lack of knowledge about where to turn in devices (45%) and a preference to keep devices (43%).
  • Among those surveyed, millennials and seniors were least concerned with data theft as a barrier to turning in a used device, while two-thirds of adults ages 45–54 said this was the biggest barrier to turning in old electronics.

Appetite for Used Products
When asked about purchasing used smartphones, tablets or wearable products, interest among consumers was only lukewarm.

  • Used products unappealing: 64% of respondents said they would be "unlikely" to purchase a certified-used electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet or wearable product, as opposed to a new product.
  • More willingness among millennials: Nearly half of millennials – consumers ages 18 to 34 – said they would be "likely" to purchase a certified-used electronic device, compared to only 12% of seniors (65 and older).

These findings help define a huge opportunity for consumers and the mobility industry, as recycling used devices is profitable for both parties, while significantly helping us to preserve our environment. For more information, visit

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Who’s That Team? M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Solutions Team


Who Needs Them: Carriers, MVNOs, automated-retail companies, kiosk operators
What’s In It for You:  The team connects our customers with the “Internet of Things” by coupling the right equipment and software, while optimizing activation. No matter how large the scale, they ensure testing, preparation, programming, provisioning, activation, warehousing and management of mobile kits for some of the largest automated-retail companies and kiosk operators in the business. With expertise in developing custom solutions, and strong industry relationships, they help save customers money and decrease ongoing usage costs for zero usage.
What Keeps Them Busy: They package the right products with specific services that make customers’ operations more efficient and successful. They enable remote monitoring to save customers time, money and manpower, and better visibility of daily operations.
Who They Are: A group of program managers, sales representatives and M2M and supply chain specialists.
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Always Improving: Empowering Supply Chain and Customer Decision Making – New Advanced Analytics Solution

It’s expertly-used data – real-time and otherwise – that makes our new Advanced Analytics solution a valuable asset for customers. Through this new solution, we’re leveraging data to empower the decision making abilities of our supply chain teams and customers to make supply chains even more efficient and profitable.
The Advanced Analytics solution helps solve supply chain issues, cuts costs and increases the logistics strategy’s total value by delivering device lifecycle statistics and analysis starting at the atomic layer – the most basic level of detail, such as data on a single device.
Our wealth of data from retailers, carriers and OEMs, combined with current connected-device lifestyle trend and behavior analysis, makes the Advanced Analytics solution invaluable to the smart logistics strategy. The enormous cache of digital data available through point-of-sale encounters, insurance claims, returns data, failure codes, data usage, recycling revenue and repair cost has made traditional analytical tools ineffective. By combining our digital data, market intelligence and customer profiles, the Advanced Analytics solution helps reveal gaps in processes and services, contradictive actions and opportunities for cost savings.
Customer and retail integration connected within the Ingram Micro Mobility data ecosystem help fuel the Advanced Analytics solution, allowing for:
  • Real-time supply chain analytics at the point of delivery/distribution or return/repair to support operators’ routing decisions.
  • Upstream automation partnered with analytics to drive returns avoidance.
  • Predicting customer behavior by analyzing real-time data on device upgrades, trade-ins and buyers’ remorse returns.
  • Developing a smarter supply chain by more accurately addressing the amount of product needed by store, region, country, etc.
  • More accurately determining total device lifecycle cost from cradle-to-cradle.
  • Designing for better serviceability, including information on how much a device will cost to fix or maintain.
  • Collection of returns data, along with failure modes, to drive innovative training and enhance repair capabilities.
  • Identifying unknown conditions in the supply chain within retailer, carrier, or OEM populations to prevent conditions from developing, leading to greater customer satisfaction and cost savings.
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Infographic: The 2015 Security Landscape

The security market has been going through big changes in recent years, and will be continuing to grow in 2015. Here's a snapshot of everything security experts need to know about what is expected on the security landscape this year:


2015 Security Lnadscape

Image courtesy of

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