Light Up Your Margins With Digital Signage

Here’s an easy question for you:  Do you have customers in the hospitality, restaurant, education, healthcare or retail verticals? If yes, then here’s another question … are you offering them digital signage solutions complete with content creation services?  If not, then it’s very likely someone else is.

If you are looking for unique, high-margin opportunities to add to your services portfolio – look no further than digital signage.  As these high-profile solutions become more affordable, and therefore more mainstream, customers are starting to understand the role digital signage can play in their business and that’s where solution providers can help.

It’s time to say goodbye to static signage and hello to interactive media that engages and educates customers while they wait, while they shop, while they order, or simply while they pass by.

So how do you get started? Here are a couple tips. First, start small!  Identify a handful of close customers from one of those verticals that you think would benefit from digital signage. Sit down and brainstorm with them about what kind of solution would work in their environment, then lean on Ingram Micro and other vendor partners for the support you might need to bring this technology to life – from bundling turnkey solutions to providing custom content creation resources, we can help.  As you slowly build your signage business, showcase existing solutions as case studies for new customers on the fence and work to develop simple, yet compelling service bundles that your customers can easily digest.

Second tip, don’t forget that a digital signage solution is made up of more than just displays and wall mounts. It includes site surveys, pre-sales tech support, financial services, integration, content management software (CMS), content creation and ongoing customization and project management. You should approach digital signage as part of the greater managed solution you provide.  That’s where you can lean on our team of experts. As you grow this solution, we can offer you tech and field deployment support, business and marketing help, plus vendor management.

Done right, digital signage solutions can help forge an even closer relationship with a customer and a steady annuity revenue stream for you. Plus, once you’ve created a solution tailored to a particular vertical, it’s easy to replicate success with other like customers.

Bottom line:  Digital signage is a healthy, growing market for solution providers and it offers a low cost of entry and high, double-digit margins. There are not too many technology categories that offer that value proposition.

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