Below is a sample of company videos providing you with a high-level picture of Ingram Micro's operations scale. You can discover more about Ingram Micro through our YouTube channel which covers a variety of business units, services and solutions. For any media interested in our B-roll, low-resolution clips are available for previewing below. For a copy of a high-resolution file of the video B-Roll, please contact Ingram Micro Corporate Communications.

Videos About Ingram Micro

From our Customers - With Ingram Micro, the World Will Realize the Promise of TechnologyTM.

Realize the Promise of TechnologyTM

Behind The Numbers

B Roll of Ingram Micro

People - More than 30,000+ Ingram Micro associates, i.e. service, sales and technical personnel, serve 200,000+ customers in 6 out of 7 continents around the world. 

Technology / Classroom - Ingram Micro offers technology solutions from more than 1,700 manufacturers worldwide; Ingram Micro’s world-class tech support, education and training give customers the resources and hands-on experience they need for their company’s profitable growth. 

Warehouses - With more than 12 million sq. ft. of warehouse space in 122 distribution centers worldwide, Ingram Micro has the breadth and geographic reach to help businesses realize the promise of technology virtually anywhere on earth.