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The Road to Secure Network Resilience | ONE 2020 APAC

A resilient network is vital to the success of almost every organization. Whenever it is not available, productivity drops off, the business is financially impacted, and its reputation suffers. Organisations are adding layers of complexity to networks and that often results in more vulnerabilities.

Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform provides secure remote access to your critical network devices through a separate management plane, with the ability to automate NetOps processes, such as securely deploying and provisioning equipment, and to access Remote IP devices at any edge location. This platform is the Network Engineer’s Network. Secure remote access, via physical hardware at each location, providing an always-available independent network open only to the core network team; to be used on Day One, for everyday management, and during production network events.

Learn more about how Opengear is there for Day One, Every Day, and When the Network Goes Down!