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Partner with Cisco on your SASE Journey

The Need for SASE in Today’s Cloud-Centric World

Rapid digital transformation and the shift to hybrid workforce have been driving the need for anywhere, anytime access to resources – especially over the last two years. As businesses move from on-prem to hybrid infrastructure, many are forced to re-think their organization architecture and cybersecurity defenses.

  • Are you securing and protecting your employees working anywhere?

  • Are connections to applications and data seamless and secure with employees working anywhere?

  • Do you have the visibility and ability to detect, analyze and disable access to websites, applications and data not sanctioned by the company?


Challenges with Remote Workforce and Cloud Adoption

This shift towards a more distributed workforce also brings about new business and security challenges, including:

  • Lack of IT support to manage and secure all network devices

  • Employees using company non-sanctioned applications or cloud data storage for company data

  • Employees accessing unknown harmful or malicious sites

  • Lack of visibility, intelligence, and control over employee’s usage of applications and data over the Cloud

  • Weak password practices and password exposure



Combining networking and security functions in the cloud, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) delivers secure access to applications, anywhere users work. It consolidates core functions (such as SD-WAN, firewalls, SWG, CASB and zero trust network access) which were traditionally delivered in siloed point solutions into a single, integrated cloud service.


Traditional Architecture


SASE Architecture


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Embark on your SASE Journey with Cisco

Cisco's approach to SASE combines leading network and security functionality in a single, cloud-native service to help secure access wherever users and applications reside.


Unleash your workforce by delivering a seamless connection to applications in any environment from any location.


Simplify security, streamline policies, and increase protection with a multifunction cloud security service.


Unite security and networking through a flexible, integrated approach that meets multi-cloud demands at scale.


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Cisco SASE primary use cases


● Seamless connection to apps and data everywhere

● Secure access to internet and cloud apps

● Authenticate users and ensure device health

● Deliver the best connectivity and application experience for every remote worker



● Streamline connectivity to apps across office locations

● Provision SD-WAN fabric across thousands of users  and locations

● Secure access to apps and direct internet access

● Identify and resolve issues across ISPs, SaaS, public  and private apps


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