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Be Aware…not scared: Web application cybersecurity month

Web applications have become a key tool for any company nowadays, it doesn´t matter if they are used just as an informative/marketing tool or the main sales/booking platform of a business, they are one of the most attacked parts of the infrastructure.

Since the start of the global pandemic and recent events involving war conflicts in Europe, the attacks targeting web applications have skyrocketed aiming at both public and private entities and the result was that in 2021, 50% of all data breaches began with web applications (Imperva Research Labs).   

In 2021, 9,7m DDoS attacks were registered with a potential revenue loss of 9 to 12$ million. (Netscout report Issue 8) and between 2020 and 2021, the number of malicious web application requests climbed 88% (Radware, 2021-2022 Global Threat Analysis Report).

So, what can we do to protect our web applications? What cybersecurity measures do we need to put in place? How can I know if I am vulnerable in case of an attack?

From the Center of Excellence at Ingram Micro, we provide Offensive Security – Penetration Test (Pentest) services in order to assist our clients to be aware of their security posture and so, to create the most efficient cybersecurity plan (include link with a form).

One of our services is the Web Application Pentest (include link with info), our consultant will identify any breach or vulnerability affecting a website that might be used by an external attacker.

Does your company´s website have a Web Application firewall or any other defensive technology protecting your website?

If not, a pentest will show you the most cost-effective way to secure your website.

If the answer is positive, are you fully aware if there is any misconfiguration or unprotected part that would provide an entry to an attacker? 

Let´s face it, uncertainty is the main reason of concern for any company when analysing their cybersecurity strategy or needs, millions are spent every year to get the best defensive technologies, but that´s not enough nowadays… so, do you want to start having long night sleeps? Do you want to know exactly what parts must be improved and which ones are already bulletproof?  

Do yourself a favour and email us at so we can have a nice chat about how we can help you. A little investment in our services will save you a lot of money when creating your cybersecurity plan.  

Oh! Last but not least, we provide(data sheet eyesight) a free Public Discovery Report which gathers all the information on the public internet and dark web of your company, which is step one of any cybersecurity attack, interesting right? Ok drop us an email and you´ll get the free report and we will help you to evaluate your needs to make your web application bulletproof!