Purpose and Scope

Last Revised:

November 1, 2021

Purpose and Scope

Ingram Micro is a distributor and reseller of IT products and services, headquartered in the United States but with Subsidiaries all around the world (a list of which is available upon request). Ingram Micro delivers global technology and supply chain services to support cloud aggregation, cybersecurity solutions, data center management, logistics, technology distribution, mobility device life-cycle, and training.

For more information about Ingram Micro, please see the “About Us” section of our Website.

Ingram Micro provides you with the ability to purchase or access a variety of product and service offerings made available by Ingram Micro and various third-party providers (“Offerings”) both directly from Ingram Micro and through resellers and distributors. EACH OFFERING MAY BE SUBJECT TO OFFERING-SPECIFIC PRIVACY POLICIES, WHICH MAY SUPERCEDE OR COMPLEMENT THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY STATEMENT. INGRAM MICRO ENCOURAGES YOU TO CAREFULLY READ THE PRIVACY POLICY OF ANY OFFERING BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THAT OFFERING.

Although we encourage you to read this entire Privacy Statement, this is a summary of some of the more important aspects of the Privacy Statement:
  • Each Offering may include its own specific privacy policy. You should carefully read the privacy policy of any Offering before accessing or using that Offering.  
  • We may collect both Personal Data and other information from you through a variety of sources, including Personal Data we have collected from you, whether on- or offline. We may also combine it with information we receive about you from other sources, such as Subsidiaries, publicly available information sources (including information from your publicly available social media profiles), and other third parties.  
  • We will not use or share your Personal Data except as described in this Privacy Statement.  
  • The failure to provide us with your Personal Data may interfere with our ability to conduct business with you, such as purchasing Offerings or process your transactions.
  • Where applicable, we honor opt out instructions from you for certain uses of your Personal Data under this Privacy Statement, such as, for example, when you opt out of receiving marketing email communications from us or request us to delete your Personal Data. However, by opting out of receiving marketing email communications you will not receive information about incentives and sales promotions.  
  • We use appropriate technical and organizational controls to secure and protect your Personal Data, but we cannot ensure or warrant that your Personal Data will be completely secure from misappropriation by hackers or from other nefarious or criminal activities.