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Executive Leaders

Alain Monié

Paul Bay

Michael Zilis

Augusto P. Aragone

Luis Férez

Thomas Kanflo

Kirk Robinson

Bill Ross

Sanjib Sahoo

Scott D. Sherman

Mark Snider

Diego Utge

Jana Vondran


View key locations across the globe.

Corporate Headquarters

Asia Pacific Headquarters, Technology Solutions

Europe Headquarters, Technology Solutions

Latin America Headquarters, Technology Solutions

North American Sales Headquarters, Technology Solutions

Middle East, Turkey & Africa Headquarters, Technology Solutions

Advanced Logistics Centers

Ingram Micro is the best way to deliver technology to the world. Our advanced logistics center play an essential role.

ALC Exterior

Labeling Boxes in the ALC

Right Sized Boxes

Conveyor Belt Packing

Variety of Goods to Ship

ALC Associate

Hand Truck

Pallet Packing

Receiving Scanner

Shrink Wrap Pallet

Conveyor Routing Process

Conveyor Routing

Boxes on Conveyor System

Conveyor Routing System


Racks and Conveyors

Truckload Shipping Dock

Solution Centers

We work with our business partners to create centers where customers can learn about and experience new technologies.

Solution Center Entrance

Solution Center Classes

Solution Center Consulting

Solution Center Orientation-1

Solutions Center Orientation-2


Download Ingram Micro logos for use in media stories and online communication.

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Below is a sample of company videos providing you with a high-level picture of Ingram Micro's operations scale. You can discover more about Ingram Micro through our YouTube channel which covers a variety of business units, services and solutions. For any media interested in our B-roll, low-resolution clips are available for previewing below. For a copy of a high-resolution file of the video B-Roll, please contact Ingram Micro Corporate Communications.

From Our Customers

From Our Customers



Realize The Promise of Technology

Realize The Promise of Technology

Technology Classroom

Technology Classroom

Behind The Numbers

Behind The Numbers